Each year there is a nation-wide festival held in over forty cities where starting musicians get the chance to show their performance and music. The festival is held in cafes, museums, shops and all sorts of other locations imaginable.

The following is a short film of the ethos those performances can create.

Rederij de Vrijheid

A starting restaurant located on an old industrial site. What was a former asphalt factory is now a new, made of shipping containers, building that was set to be the first restaurant to open on the newly acquired piece of land.

Their unique selling point besides their unique location is their laid-back atmosphere and ambience attracting mostly young adults.


The re-opening of one of Goudas most beloved dance-cafes called for a change in communication. The old place was stuck in years gone by and so it was time to bring it back into the days of now. Not shifting the main focus of being a cafe, combining live piano music with a dj, but rather recreating a look and feel of the taverns of the old days with a modern look and feel.

Stichting Sociëteit So What!

A recreation of the locally famous discotheque who has closed their doors many years ago, Stadsleven was a party to bring back the feeling of memories that was all but gone. Being such a success that it’s not only produced annually, there are also plans to make this a monthly reoccurring party.

This film captures the first edition.