Rederij de Vrijheid

A starting restaurant located on an old industrial site. What was a former asphalt factory is now a new, made of shipping containers, building that was set to be the first restaurant to open on the newly acquired piece of land.

When it comes to food their aim is to sell good inexpensive food to their customers, showing that a lack of overspending on food does not result in a lack of quality.

Stads brouwerij de goudsche leeuw

A local brewery who has ties to a small famous pub. They uphold the old traditions of the Goudse beers and create new ones, even at personal request. Opening their new location on which they plan to hold barbeques and get-togethers for the beer-enthusiast.

Associaal Marketing

A young marketing company focused on small businesses and their social media usage.

Their goal is to help companies gain more customers via the use of Instagram and Facebook.

Stichting Sociëteit So What!

Being the one place for an on-the-rise artist, So What! is a starting point for a lot of musicians. The following pictures are a small grasp of tremendous divers accounts of talent showing their fans their music.